Top 5 Liveaboard Itineraries for Spotting Whales

/Top 5 Liveaboard Itineraries for Spotting Whales

Whale watching is definitely one of the most exciting and breathtaking experiences ever. There are several places on earth where you can spot whales and join them on a liveaboard trip. Here is the list of top 5 such itineraries, here we go!

Silver Bank, Dominican Republic

145856851985430b480bfd978db59ed01801d2b501Without a doubt, the Silver Bank provides one of the most extraordinary marine experiences ever! The most massive migration of humpback whales in the Atlantic Ocean, if not the whole world, takes place in the protected sanctuary area 90 km/56 mi north of the Dominican Republic. Up to 7,000 humpbacks pass through this breeding and calving area each winter (from January to April). How impressive would it be to step into the water and observe these magnificent mammals in their natural environment? There is no scuba diving though, only snorkeling.


14033622119a28dcf0d0dc1349d0a96d25f0bfbf2cWhales from Antarctica visit the relatively warm, crystal-clear waters of Tonga to give birth. Brightly colored, with dark tops and white bellies, the Antarctic humpback whales arrive at this destination from July through September. Tonga is one of the places where you can still swim with the humpbacks, sharing the ocean with humpback mothers having the moment with their calves. This is definitely the best snorkeling adventure you can dream of.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka,TrincomaleeDR3Without any hesitation, we can say that the best thing about Sri Lanka is its whales. Along Sri Lanka’s coastline, you can observe 13, (yes, 13!) species of whales and 8 species of dolphins. Unique snorkeling expeditions take place on the west coast (Colombo region) from November through April and the east coast (Trincomalee region) from May through October. The true stars are definitely the blue whale and the sperm whale. You can also see humpback whales, beaked whales, melon-headed whales, pilot whales, false killer whales, and others.


Spoilsport 1This extremely diverse and beautiful country keeps on surprising the world with its unique natural adventures. Australia is the only place where you can experience swimming with minke whales. These dwarf whales (5-7 m/16-23 ft long) are the second-smallest baleen whales, and they pass by the Ribbon Reef each year from May through September, with the peak season in June to July. You are welcome to join these unique creatures on the expedition from Cairns.

Socorro Islands, Mexico

Quino el GuardianKnown for its challenging diving with big pelagics, the Socorro Islands area is also the right place to see giant humpback whales. From late January to early April, thousands of humpbacks visit Socorro for breeding and calving. This is a remote, liveaboard-only diving destination, which makes the Socorro Islands one of the top places for watching baleen whales and other big marine creatures.