Sharing reviews with Divebooker

/Sharing reviews with Divebooker

In our previous post about the vision for divebooker we have not discussed one of its key features – which is so important that it deserves special treatment. We will now introduce it here.

As divers, we know that there’s more to a diving package than its location, availability for certain dates, inclusion of desired features and price. We always want to know about other people’s experiences and often ask for other people’s recommendations.

Divebooker helps to do just that – on a worldwide scale – as in addition to being a reservation system, divebooker is also a platform for community of divers to exchange reviews and comments about diving destinations and host dive centres.

As more people start booking their diving vacations through divebooker and commenting on their experiences – we will be building a platform of shared knowledge about hundreds of dive centres and dive sites around the world. All in one place, and with the ability to instantly book the diving package of your choice after you’ve reviewed the possibilities and learned from other divers’ experiences!

And of course, free flow of information about the quality of diving and dive centre services will motivate the dive centres to always do their best!

We also need your feedback to constantly keep improving! So please review our website and let us know about your impressions – through the form on Contact Us page, or by emailing us at

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