Romantic Getaway. Best destinations for the Valentine’s Day

/Romantic Getaway. Best destinations for the Valentine’s Day

What can be more romantic than dive together and explore beautiful underwater world with your sweetheart?
Many divers choose diving trips for their romantic vacation, honeymoons and even the way to make a proposal. With such a great holiday as Valentine’s Day that’s upon us, we make a list of some of the best romantic trips!

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Seychelles,Anse A La MoucheDS1The Seychelles, with its 115 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, are well know as the most romantic place on earth. With the most photographed beaches, crystal and pristine waters the Seychelles are called the most idyllic island getaways in the world! What shall you wish for your romantic trip?

maldoves 7The Maldives has always been associated with something very romantic and it’s not a secret that it’s the most popular destination for honeymoons. The Maldives are among top diving destinations for romantic trips and diving. Liveaboards is the perfect way to explore awesome underwater world of the Maldives.

One more popular destination for romantic diving trip is Kona. Besides its dramatic scenery, it offers a superb and even exclusive diving. One-third of the marine creatures in Kona are found nowhere else. One of the most popular dives here is a night dive with mantas.

Fiji 1

Fiji is probably the most famous destination in the world for proposals and romantic vacations! Besides all those beautiful sceneries, Fiji offers impressive diving opportunities, including the world’s fourth largest barrier reef and an abundant marine life with a variety of fish species, sharks and rays.

palau 2Named ‘One of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World’ Palau is absolutely perfect for a romantic diving trip. Here you can explore more than 1500 species of fish, plus 700 species of corals and anemones. The spectacular marine life includes sharks, turtles, rays and don’t forget about a unique jellyfish lake!