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/Welcome on board King Snefro Fleet

With more than 25 years experience in diving tourism, King Snefro Fleet offers a choice of seven different liveaboards that cruise all of the Rea Sea.

Here’s a review from one of our divers about trip aboard Snefro Target. 

snefro target

I joined a trip aboard Snefro Target (King Snefro Fleet) on 27 Sep – 04 Oct 2015 for a Sinai Classic itinerary sailing from Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, and I have to admit this was a truly inspiring adventure.
To start, I was amazed by how smoothly the transfers were arranged. There were 3 of them
first upon arrival to the airport, I was met by the crew member, who checked if I had the proper visa in my passport, and taken to the marina on a comfortable bus to board Snefro Target.
Second one was from the boat to the hotel, where I had to stay after disembarkation due to late flight from Sharm
and the third one was from the hotel to the airport.
The transfers were always on time and the crew members were very nice. I did not have to book any of those myself, it all was taken care of by the management at King Snefro Fleet, I just submitted my arrival/departure details and poof! all got in place.
upperUpon boarding I was welcomed by chief’s compliment soft drink and snacks. We went through paperwork and boat rules with one of the dive guides, he showed me where I can keep my equipment on the dive deck and where my tank would be, then he gave me a tour of the boat and saw me to my cabin on the upper deck.
I was accommodated in a comfortable double bed cabin with a window, located right next to the captain’s bridge. Ensuite bathroom and private head shower were available in the cabin. It had all the necessary drawers, shelves and closet and stuff like towels. Cabins were cleaned each time guests were on a dive, it was always nice to return to a neat cabin. You had to wait some time for water in the shower to get warmer but still it had a comfortable temperature. On the last day of the trip, when we were heading back to marina, the staff started cleaning the boat and washing decks, at this time the ceiling in my cabin (main deck) had a leakage. The water came from the sun deck that was washed at the time. The problem was resolved in mere minutes after reporting the issue to the crew. 14310791794d88372d0650849e2dab0d926ea6f47a

The morning after arrival, I got to meet other guests, a group from Denmark and a couple from UK. One of the things that I love about liveaboard trips, and I am sure others enjoy that too, is meeting new people from all around the world, making new friends with those who share your passion for diving.
We were a company of 10 guests aboard and were divided into 2 small groups for diving, each directed by a dive guide
We headed for a check dive at Temple, a shallow coral pinnacles dive. The crew made it very easy and smooth helping whenever possible with getting dressed and getting into the water.
At first, I dived with quite a few leads because it was about 5 months since my last dive and I needed time to adjust, then in the course of the trip I removed some of it and found myself with twice as little weights by the end of the safari. This all thanks to our dive guide who helped me adjust monitoring my progress.

1396866239dde305e9d2227a7d69b9b26630fca7d2As the days went by, we travelled all the way from Sharm marina to Thistle and Dunraven, and back to Ras Mohammed, and further north-east to the Straits of Tiran. We dived at many beautiful spots and although this was not my first liveaboard trip in this area, this was the first time I dived the Thistle. I felt somewhat nervous about it, but dive guides and my fellow travellers made it so much easier for me. I ended up loving this gigantic masterpiece created by mighty waters peacefully resting at the bottom of the Red Sea and the experience I ran into when hovering next to it. Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of wrecks, but one of the ladies in the group shared her vision of it. She likes to see what nature does to man-made creations and how it shows that everything is terminal and yet we get a chance to glance at this beautiful decay. And this made me rethink my understanding of it.
I loved the drift dives in Ras Mohammed, I loved those several turtles that we spotted in different places, I loved noticing all kinds of creatures, I loved the beautiful corals, I was lucky to be a part of this underwater wonder several times a day.

All dives were very well organized, comprehensive briefings preceded each dive, dive guides always pointed our attention to interesting stuff underwater, we always held by suggested dive plans and no issues arose during the trip.
I had to rent a torch for night dives, because mine broke, and the rented one was a decent item, and allowed me to spot several stingrays.

The boat itself is very clean and cozy with a lot of space to hang out in between the dives and at night.
Food was tasty, and included seafood and meat, poultry, dairy, different trimmings, desserts and pastry. However I sometimes had a bit of a heartburn, must be due to spices, so make sure to preset your dietary requests if applicable.
I was fortunate enough to celebrate my birthday while aboard and shared it with one of the fellow travellers whose birthday is on the same date, I mean what are the odds 🙂 For the birthday party the chief made a roast turkey and a cake. The crew decorated the dining area with handmade cards, it was very touching. We had a perfect dinner, and moved to the upper deck for dessert.

On our way back to marina, on the last day of the trip, everyone was washing, drying and packing their gear, then we had a group picture with all crew members.
All the hugs were given and warm words were said, and it was time to go back home…
It was a great adventure and a refreshing acquaintance with people aboard and the sea underneath.

Review by Valerie Yakubinskaya.