First dive in the Red Sea

/First dive in the Red Sea

My nameImage 3 is Christoph and I’m 29 years old.



I planned a short vacation with my girlfriend Jessica. I would like to tell you something about this experience.


As we thought about what we wanted to happen during our vacation, Egypt came immediately to mind because I had just completed my diving license in Germany a few days before. After reading some reviews about diving in Egypt, specifically the beautiful Red Sea, we selected Egypt as our destination. So I was looking forward to putting my newly acquired knowledge into practice.

I imagined many beautiful scenes of colorful fish, blue water, and so many gigantic reefs to see. Unfortunately, so far these images had only been in my imagination, because I previously never had the opportunity to actually see ​​a breathtaking underwater world of this magnitude in person.

We were ready. The holiday was booked, the anticipation was rising, and the day was fast approaching.


We flew overnight from Hanover and arrived in the morning in Hurghada, then traveled about 45 km to our hotel, which was located in Soma Bay. Since we had spent all night traveling, we just relaxed at the hotel the first day. We looked around the complex and spent the rest of the day on the beach.
The first thing on the second day, I signed up along for one day on the boat and two dives, along with a Slovenian couple. We were able to start the morning early at the hotel’s private jetty.

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After a relatively short drive, we arrived at the first reef, called Abu Soma Garden. First we heard some information about the dives, then we headed out.

We had stable weather for our two dives, slightly cloudy, with an air temperature of about 41°C and a water temperature of 25-26°C.

When we arrived at the first dive site, we saw the beautiful reef through the clear water. Then we finally went into the water. Immediately after going in, I was able to enjoy the phenomenal underwater world. Lots of colorful fish swam through my field of vision, and it was an absolutely great sight. It’s actually hard to put this experience into words…it’s very difficult to describe. But every diver will know what I mean!

After 20 minutes, an eagle ray with a wingspan of about 160-170 cm crossed in front of us about 10-12 meters away.


The dives were 51 and 64 minutes long, during which our guide, Schoo Schoo, showed us other fish, such as Moses sole, stonefish, dozens of anemonefish, moray eels, Napoleonfish, puffers, blue-spotted stingrays, tuna, and triggerfish. These were also only about 10 meters away, at the Tobia Kebir dive spot. A very nice reef overgrown with hard and soft corals also  had many schooling fish cavorting around it. The sand falls slowly, which also showed us a field of garden eels.

All in all, it was a very successful day, with incredibly interesting and memorable moments, which I can recommend warmly to all divers.  For sure, I will come back to dive many more times at the Red Sea to find some more dive spots.

Go there and make your own experience!



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