Best places to dive with Manta Rays

/Best places to dive with Manta Rays




Diving with Manta Rays is in every diver’s bucket list. Those are fascinating and mysterious creatures that can amaze young and old. Manta rays have the largest brain of all fish, they are a symbol of majesty, elegance and freedom. Here is the list of TOP places around the world to dive with Manta Rays. Diving with Manta Rays is in every diver’s bucket list.

1. Maldives

The Maldives has an amazing range of underwater wildlife to discover. the truly remarkable sights to see are The giant mantas, some of which can be as much as 6m/20ft across! The really must-see sites while diving in the Maldives are the cleaning stations that Mantas visit and stay for as long as 20 minutes to have parasites picked out of their gills, skin and even their mouths.


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2. Indonesia

Indonesia has many islands, this is precisely why liveaboard diving in Indonesia is so popular with divers from around the world. Komodo National Park attracts adventurous travellers with the chance to go diving with manta rays. Another Indonesia’s famous region is definitely Raja Ampat, it welcomes ocean lovers with its stunning landscapes and rich marine life including giant manta rays.


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3. Hawaii

Diving with manta rays in Kona is unlike any other location on this list. Firstly, all manta dives in the area are night dives. During such a dive, you’ll be indirectly feeding the manta rays. During most night dives, you’ll be surrounded by at least a dozen of these pelagic animals. This manta ray dive is possible year-round because of its manufactured aspect.


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4. Fiji

The months between May and October have historically seen the highest visitation rates and swimmers can expect to interact with anywhere from one to a dozen Manta Rays of varying sizes, gender and age. Mantas are seen mostly at cleaning stations and shallow reefs where the amazing environment will completely astonish you!


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5. Micronesia


Yap promises to deliver a memorable experience. Yap is one of several research sites with Manta Trust – for one week leading manta ray and shark scientists will host a “hands-on” citizen science field research symposium and media event. Join a manta ray conservation party on an upgraded luxury vacation package at Manta Ray Bay Resort.


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6. Socorro, Mexico


The giant pacific mantas which you will meet at Socorro are the largest of the rays and we believe they are the most majestic creatures in the ocean. They swim by moving their wing-like pectoral fins, which can grow up to 7 meters wide, but usually average about 5 – 6 meters. At Socorro, these giants choose to interact with divers! They come in very close – less than 1 meter!


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7. Galapagos, Ecuador


The Galapagos Islands are well known for their amazing biodiversity and high levels of endemism. Mantas can be hit or miss in many parts of the Galapagos Islands, but when you visit Cabo Marshall off the northeastern shore of Isabela Island, seeing manta is practically guaranteed. More then 2000 manta rays arrive to this Pacific island between June and October every year. This is currently the world’s largest recorded population of Giant Oceanic Mantas.


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8. Palau

In and around Palau, there are plenty of barrier reefs that accommodate manta rays and other forms of marine life. German Channel is one of the most visited manta ray cleaning stations in the islands. This is usually the first place that a scuba diving group will explore in search for these majestic creatures. The best time to find large groups of manta rays in Palau are the winter months.


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